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Evan Wynn

(Record Producer/Engineer)


Production Credits:

  •  Recording/ Mixing Engineer for Chakra Kahn "Casual Feelings" single (2021, release date TBA)

  • Recording & Mixing Engineer Holiday Music- "Dusty Unit" (2021, release date TBA)

  • Recording Engineer/Mixing Engineer/Co-Producer/Additional Production for Latchkey Kid's single "The Truman Show"  (2021, release date TBA)

  • Recording Engineer/Additional Production on Harrowes single "Sun Spiral" (2020)

  •  Recording Engineer on KNIFIGHT "Worship" LP (Drums, bass, overdubs) ( 2017)

  • Recording Engineer/Co-Producer on Jack Ferrara's single 'The Break'

  • Producer/Recording Engineer Chakra Kahn- Stillness is Motion LP (2018)

  • Recording/Mixing Engineer for Cole Mcdonnell's 'Duet' EP (2020)

  • Recording Engineer/Additional Production for Weaver 'Alice' Single (2020)

  • Producer/Engineer/Beat maker/Additional Production for Halloween Party's single  "HEX" (2020)

  • Mixing Engineer/Recording Engineer for Holiday Music's single "Expire Medicine" (2020)

  • Recording Engineer, Producer, & Songwriter for Chakra Kahn's Dual Singles "Summertime" & "She Believes" (2016)

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